Saturday, 30 January 2016

Thing 23 Making it all work together

I'm glad that I have finally made it this far and just in time as well! I have really learned a lot on this journey from August until now and all of the new apps and tools I have started to use will have a bigger part to play in day. I know that there is a few of them that I found really useful such as screencastomatic and and I am looking forward to using them a but more and learning how to use them to their full potential. In Thing 23, I yet again learned about more tools that I have not heard of such as Hootsutie and Buffer, I have been using Google Alerts for some time now and I do find in useful in order to keep in the loop about certain subjects. I set up a buffer account and linked to my facebook account. I then clicked some options to set up a schedule for posting. I use my facebook more for personal use for professional so I'm not sure exactly if it would be much use here. But if I had a page for a library, I can see how you could set the schedule so that you are posting consistently and that your followers or friends will continue to view content from your site. Finally, I would like to thanks all of the RudaĆ­ 23 team for developing this course and putting so much time and work into monitoring and answering any queries that I had along the way. It has been very enjoyable and informative and I definitely feel that I am more aware of and some knowledge of the workings of many of the apps and tools presented during the course. I will definitley be visiting the page from time to time to re-read the posts. Thank you, Edel

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  1. Congratulations on finishing Edel. Thanks for sticking with it to the end.